Friday, February 03, 2006

illegal things

Back when the the Civil Unions debate was raging I got a powerful urge to go read the 1955 Marriage Act. God only knows why, but I'm sure I had a good reason at the time, possibly involving an impassioned letter to the editor or to check whether I could marry Bert and/or Ernie. While the Act was strangely silent on such a union, it did give me a whole list of people I can't marry:
  • Grandmother
  • Grandfather's wife
  • Wife's grandmother
  • Father's sister
  • Mother's sister
  • Mother
  • Stepmother
  • Wife's mother
  • Daughter
  • Wife's daughter
  • Sons' wife
  • Sister
  • Son's daughter
  • Daughter's daughter
  • Son's son's wife
  • Daughter's son's wife
  • Wife's son's daughter
  • Wife's daughter's daughter
  • Brother's daughter
  • Sister's daughter
... which just goes to show, not only were the drafters of our laws thorough, they also had a great, um, depth of imagination.

I mean, seriously, your Son's, son's wife?

Good lord.


span said...

Are you saying your Son's son's wife is unattractive? That's not very gentlemanly.

Herr Dummkopf von Kranken-Brainen said...

I'm sure she's a fine woman, but my Son's Son is a man who gets a powerful angry, and since I'm probably at least a decrepidly 36 years older than him, I wouldn't want the death on an old man on his conscience.

But see what I find really interesting is the omissions. Nothing in there about not being able to marry my Grandfather, father or son ... just what are they trying to tell us?

And I still don't know whether I can marry Bert or Ernie. Complete silence on the Muppet issue . Most vexing.

span said...

If you did marry Bert (personally I'd prefer Ernie) what would the children look like?

Herr Dummkopf von Kranken-Brainen said...

good lord woman, now you're just being silly. They're muppets for christ's sake - they can't have children!

We'd adopt.