Tuesday, June 12, 2007

cut out of the sun

It's official - after watching the latest Doctor Who episode (Blink - episode 10 of series 3 *cough* utorrent *cough*), there is a new Hottest-Girl-In-Teh-World, finally dethroning The-Mysterious-Redhead-At-Teh-Bus-stop. Her name is Carey Mulligan, playing Sally Sparrow, and here's some more photos from the BBC's Doctor Who site:

The fan-boy and fan-girl discussion has already started here. Also, Blink was hands-frinking-down the best episode this season. Stone angels aren't quite as scary as 6 year-olds in gas masks, but they come pretty damn close.

In other news, Candians have green blood (would I make this shit up?). And get in line for the new Steampunk monitor and keyboard - for the totally incurable.

Addendum: It strikes me that those pictures make Ms Mulligan look kinda younger than real life - she is in fact 22, and so I am not quite the dirty old man you bastards all think I am.

Addendum the second: I should probably stop being so surprised about how crap the political discourse is in this country, but this whole "banning junk food in our schools" furore gets my goat (you might ask how many goats I have, considering how often it gets got. And the answer is: one. But it gets quite a workout, let me tell you). For those who consider it bureacratic, nanny state, anti-freedom-of-choice-commie-satanism ... well, I guess you'll be supporting my proposal to sell pornography, cigarettes and solvents in school tuckshops. After all, if they aren't buying it in school, they can just go out to the dairy down the street.

There's also a whole screed in here somewhere about the Muliaga/Mercury energy snafu, but Mutopia condenses pretty much my feelings on the matter, so bugger off and read him instead, you dirty oiks.

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