Thursday, May 03, 2007

if I've gone overboard: letters to the ether

Fuck it, the Herald might be smart enough not unleash my passions upon the unsuspecting public, but you poor bastards will not escape my wrath. Below then, is my last unpublished letter to the editor:

When the opening headline in the Herald proclaims "Jealous gunman who massacred 32 ... was a new immigrant" one wonders how much further into the gutter journalism can fall. What was so important about the gunman's immigration status or what kind of visa he had? In the context of this particular story it would make exactly as much sense to highlight his height, or the colour of his hair, or what kind of aftershave he habitually wore. By making his nationality a defining factor you manage to impute that somehow the massacre was caused by it.

To add insult to injury you can't even get your facts correct - unless, of course, by "new" you meant "had lived in America since he was eight years old, fifteen years ago", and by "Chinese" you meant "Korean".

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