Thursday, May 03, 2007

bare-boned and crazy


Sexy Vader - So, so wrong.

Army Tests Fighting 'Bot - some people obviously need to watch Terminator again. This particular droid of death has the relatively unthreatenging name of MULE (Multifunction Utility Logistics and Equipment). Slightly less cuddly is it's big brother - Crusher. Obviously they ain't no pansies at DARPA. One thing is for certain though: giant, killer robots will always be cool.

Fighter-controlled jet is tested
- More Skynet-esqe silliness.

Breast cancer not linked to abortion - 'nuff said.

The poverty/terror myth
- interesting article from Fortune Magazine

The HD-DVD crack furoe:
Man I'm starting to hate copyright laws ... do us all a favour people, and pick up a copy of Dean Baker's The Conservative Nanny State. It's even downloadable on the internet for free (free as in the author is happy for you to do it), though I'm too lazy to chase down the link for you.

You always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask:
Can urinating on your feet in the shower cure athlete's foot? Oh come on, like you weren't curious.

What happens if a werewolf bites a vampire? What's the minimum daily requirement of blood for a vampire? Can you get zombified by having sex with a zombie? Hmm. When exactly was the last time you were turned on by a zombie?

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