Thursday, July 19, 2007

this great evil

Hands down, the most disturbing music video ever: Unkle's Eye for an Eye.

The message is unmistakeable - the forces of the Evil Teddy Bear Nation will one day come for us.

And we must make ourselves ready.

Carry on.

Seriously though, the album Eye for an Eye comes from, Never, Never, Land, is an absolute stonker and worth every penny. Happy it is not - definitely qualifying for the moniker "Mood Music", as you'll be moody as all hell after listening to it.


Apathy Jack said...

Most disturbing video ever you say? I take it you're not familiar with Unkle's Rabbit in your headlights then?

Frank Stupid said...

Oh c'mon, Rabbit in your headlights is positively uplifting when placed next to Eye for an Eye.

And I didn't see no evil teddy bears in your video, which really is the basis for any comparison.